Heat Roof Gutters and Problem Areas

Install Self-Regulating Heat Cable in Roof Valleys and Gutters

Snow and ice damage to roof gutter. The top radiant heat providers recommend self-regulating heat cable for roof deicing applications. Easy to customize and install, durable self-regulating heat cables can be installed in select, problem areas of your roof as well as in roof gutters and downspouts. Keeping the gutters free of ice buildup facilitates the unrestricted runoff of melted snow and protects your gutters and eaves from the damage caused by heavy snow and ice buildup.

Self-regulating heat cable is also commonly installed in roof valleys to prevent ice dams from forming. Ice dams typically cause the most problems for homes in cold weather climates. Oftentimes, warmth in the attic of a home will cause snow on the roof to melt. As the water trickles down the roof, it reaches colder eaves and refreezes, creating a small dam. This process can repeat over and over during the winter months, causing undo stress on the roof as water seeps into tiny crevices and then refreezes, causing larger cracks and jeopardizing the integrity of the roof. Eventually, water finds its way into the home and not only causes water damage, but mold and mildew soon become factors. The damage caused by ice dams can often be very expensive.

Keeping gutters and roof valleys clear of snow and ice dams goes a long ways in terms of protecting your roof. The best roof heating systems are fully automated and also feature manual override capability. Investing in a quality roof deicing system is a wise investment in your home that can save you from expensive repairs in the future.

When searching for a provider, make sure you deal with one who offers a variety of proven products as well as professional system design services and installation support. Don't just find a radiant heat provider, find one with a proven track record whose customer service is more like that of a "partner" than a seller. As of this writing, no provider can be recommended more highly than Warmzone; a company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. (An excellent article on Finding the Best Radiant Heat Provider is also available on the PRWeb website.)

Determining the ideal heat cable and system components depends in part on the size, type and construction of your roof, and also on the overall requirements of the particular installation. Call and talk with a radiant heat expert to discuss your best roof heating options. You can also submit your project specs online to receive a free roof heating quote.