Shopping for a Roof De-icing System

What to Look for When Searching for the Best Roof De-icing System


Find a radiant heat provider that carries a variety of roof heating solutions. Don't be talked in to buying the only system that a provider carries. The best radiant heat providers will offer you a range of roof heating systems and top tier components to choose from. An option to keep in mind is to combine different systems. For example, for optimum performance, you may want to install a low-voltage system (or aluminum panels) along the roof eaves while running self-regulating heat cable in the roof gutters and downspouts. Homeowners have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to installing the best roof de-icing system for their home.

Roof heating system installed to heat valleys and eaves.

Make sure your provider includes complete system design and layout services. This is a must! You'll want to know the proper layout and materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, system performance expectations, etc., before beginning your installation. A reputable provider will include all these services with your system.


If possible, find an established provider that offers free installation training. Some providers might claim that they'll "train" your installer, but too often this is only the salesperson offering a few tips. You want legitimate, formal training with an instructor (electrical expert) and a curriculum. The training should only take about an hour, but it should be thorough - and tailored to your specific project.

Proper installation is the key to owning an efficient and effective roof de-icing system. Radiant heat is a proven technology, but even the best components and systems won't be able to overcome a shoddy installation. To help to protect homeowners and avoid installation mistakes, the best providers house a staff of experienced system designers, and installation experts who will provide installation training for installers. This service is a tremendous benefit and should be a key requirement on the shopping checklist for homeowners who are evaluating roof de-icing system providers.


In addition to complete design services, be certain that your provider also includes installation support. You'll want to have access to a roof heating expert during the installation in case you come across any issues or have questions. Having access to an experienced pro can help you be sure that the system is installed correctly and in a way that maintains the validity of the warranty.

Roof heating system installed along roof edge.

Some of the Industry's most Proven Roof Heating Solutions:

    1. Self-regulating Heat Cable - The cable can be installed along the roof's edge or in gutters and downspouts to facilitate runoff. Learn more about self-regulating heat cable to heat gutters and dowspouts.

    2. Low-voltage Systems - A thin polymer heating element is available that can be installed under shingles and other roofing as well as metal. The advanced system features 9-inch or 12-inch wide rolls of the heating element that is also self-regulating, and can be nailed or stapled through for fast, easy installation. Learn more about Low-voltage roof heating systems.

    3. Roof Heating Panels - Self-regulating heat cable can also be used in aluminum panels installed along the roof's edge. These systems are not discreet (installed under the roof), but the panels are attractive and available in a variety of powder coating options. Learn more about roof heating panels.

Call a radiant heat provider and discuss the roof heating options that are available. You have a variety of roof de-icing solutions to choose from, and it is to your advantage to learn about the benefits and characteristics of the different systems that are available. To learn more about roof heating, and which solution is best for your type of roof and layout, talk with a radiant heat professional at 888.488.9276. Remember, the top roof heating system providers will provide a custom layout/design your de-icing system to best meet your project, so make sure this service is included.