Professional Roof De-icing System Design and Engineering

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Radiant heated driveways and snow melting systems use the same technology as roof de-icing systems. Heated driveways and sidewalks can be either hydronic or electric. Each technology offers specific benefits. While both systems can be customized for specific applications, electric snowmelt systems are generally easier to customize and much easier to install. However, depending on local utility costs, hydronic systems often feature lower operating costs.

A radiant heated driveway.

Like heated roofs, radiant snow melting systems are fully automated. These systems feature three main components: the heating element, a master controller, and an activation device (aerial or pavement-mounted snow sensor). When the snow sensor detects precipitation and temperatures are below a set point (typically set at 39° Fahrenheit), it sends a signal to the master control unit. The controller then sends power to the heat cable embedded in the driveway.

Radiant snow melting systems can be installed in just about any medium. Most heat cable for driveway heating and snow melting systems can be installed in concrete, under pavers, and even in hot asphalt applications. Of course, you'll want to talk to an expert provider that includes full system design services to make sure you purchase the best heat cable and components for your snowmelt needs. ClearZone heat cable is a good benchmark in terms of top quality, making it a popular, trusted and affordable snow melting cable.

A driveway heating system with heated tire tracks.

Heated driveways are gaining popularity throughout the country as homeowners and construction professionals discover the convenience, efficiency and long term benefits of these dependable snow and ice melting systems. Easy to install, energy efficient and remarkably effective, electric heated driveways offer environmentally friendly, fully automated, reliable snowmelt solutions throughout the cold winter months.

Installing a heated driveway not only eliminates the time consuming, arduous task of manual snow removal, but enhances safety and increases the value of your property. Radiant heat systems also eliminate the need for salt and other harsh snow melting chemicals that damage surrounding grass and vegetation.

The top radiant heat providers will custom design your electric heated driveway system and typically include a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Keep in mind that a qualified electrician must wire the system and fill out the warranty card (complete with ohm test results) to ensure the validity of the warranty.

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